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Samarium Cobalt Magnets - Overview

Samarium Cobalt Magnets provide a great value because not only are they very strong, but they resist both corrosion and temperature very well. They do not require any coating. For a magnet that seems to have it all, the only drawback is that they are the most expensive to produce.Samarium Cobalt SmCo is the alternative Rare Earth magnet. It is often used in aerospace, automotive and military applications. It is usually weaker than NdFeB Neodymium at room temperature. 

Samarium Cobalt Magnets - Performance

Advantages of Samarium Cobalt Magnets

  • Can be used in extremely cold conditions
  • Can be used up to +300 degrees C (572F);
  • High coercivity to resist demagnetisation.
  • SmCo is regarded as being corrosion resistant.

Typical Applications of Samarium Cobalt

  •  High temperature Motors and Generators
  •  Military applications
  • Automotive (sensors)
  • Aerospace (sensors)
  • Magnetic pump couplings
  • Oil drilling applications
  • Cryogenic applications


  • SmCo magnets are very brittle and easily chip or break upon impact.
  • All Rare Earth magnets are very powerful - care must be taken in handling these magnets to avoid injuries.
SmCo Rectangular Magnet
SmCo Disk Magnet
SmCo Rod Magnet
SmCo Ring Magnet
SmCo Arc Magnet
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